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The Family Vacation Center offers activities to suit every vacationer. You may choose to be very active —playing golf in the morning, tennis in the afternoon, and casino games at night. Or you can sleep in, read all day, and go to a movie at night. You may want to take the family for a day of exploring Santa Barbara and not join in any of the activities. It’s always up to you!

Adults have many choices. Our sports program is quite extensive—offering tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, surfing, kayaking, biking, hiking, and jogging. Vacationers also have access to UCSB’s Recreation Center, which boasts two swimming pools, a kiddy pool, two gyms, weight rooms, squash courts and five racquetball courts—not to mention a wide variety of circuit training machines.


We hold weekly tournaments in activities ranging from tennis to backgammon. There are arts and crafts for those who enjoy working with their hands. Adult activities also include a tour of Santa Barbara wine country, natural history hikes, faculty lectures, an adults-only dinner, dancing, and much more.

Group activities for children are scheduled daily from 9:00am till mid-evening. Children up to 18 are grouped by age and cared for by trained counselors. Every day is a new adventure for all ages. Younger children generally stay inside the camp, going for walks, doing arts and crafts, and making friends. Older children venture out into the community—with trips to local parks, the movies, the beach, and more. Teens have a great vacation experience with counselors who are “cool” enough to gear activities to their preferences.



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