Counselors In Training

The Family Vacation Center operates between the months of June and August.

Click here for the 2018 Counselors in Training Application.

CIT BASIC RESPONSIBILITIES: Work with college-aged students to help supervise children of all ages, individually, and in a group setting. CITs help organize games and crafts, assist an assigned Kids Group Counselor, participate in group activities and most importantly, help maintain safety within the group.

WORK HOURS: CITs work no more than 30 hours per week, with Saturdays and Wednesdays off. Depending on the amount of CITs hired, they will be asked to work a minimum of 4 weeks or a maximum of 8 weeks during the summer. The Family Vacation Center offers flexible hours for family vacations.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be 16 years of age. CITs must live in the Santa Barbara area. CITs must be punctual, responsible, and comfortable around children.

COMPENSATION: Call office for details about compensation. One meal per day is provided and Community Service Credit is available for those who choose not to receive monetary compensation.