Reservation Information

Terms & Conditions
            1. Guests do NOT have to be a UCSB / UC graduate in order to attend the Family Vacation Center.
            2. We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards. We cannot accept any other forms of payment. Checks are to be made out to “UC Regents.” Mail checks to:

              Family Vacation Center
              UCSB Alumni Affairs
              Santa Barbara, CA 93106-1120

            3. Registration for summer 2018 will begin on December 1, 2017.

              Payment Schedule:

              • $100.00 Deposit Per Person Due on or before February 14, 2018
              • 50% of Total Reservation Due on or after February 15, 2018
              • 100% of Total Reservation Due on or after May 15, 2018
              • These payments will be automatically charged on the same credit card as the deposit unless you contact the office with different payment instructions. Reservations taken after February 15, 2018 will pay the 50% due at the time of reservation. Reservations taken after May 15, 2018 will pay 100%. If you need to set up a different payment plan, please contact our office at 805-893-3123.
            4. Cancellation Policy: Click here to view the cancellation policy.
            5. Refunds: Refunds will be granted based on the cancellation policy. Full refunds or partial refunds will not be processed for guests who choose to leave their vacation early. Refunds may take up to a month to be processed.
            6. Discounts: There are several discounts offered to our guests. Read details below
              about each discount offered.

              • New offering: Children 3 and under stay free Week 2, 2018. (June 23-June 30, 2018) Limited up to two children 3 and under per paying adult.
              • Teen Friend Discount: Bring a teen friend for half the cost. The teen must be between the ages of 13-18 and they cannot be an immediate family member.
              • Referral Discount: Refer a friend and save! A $50 discount will be given to the referring family, plus a $50 discount for the new referred family. Referred family name must be given at time of reservation to apply. Unlimited referral discounts available.
              • Online or Print Review: Write a review and receive a $50 discount. A link or copy of the review must be sent to the FVC office. There is a limit of two review discounts available per suite.
              • Lifetime Member Discount: Lifetime Alumni Association Members of a University of California Alumni Association will receive a $100 discount. Membership information must be provided. There is a limit of one Lifetime Membership discount per suite.
              • UC Santa Barbara Alumni: Valid for UCSB Graduates. Applies to room and board total. $200.
              • University of California Staff & Faculty: Valid for UC Faculty and Staff members. Applies to room and board total. $100.
              • Former FVC Staff: Valid for former FVC staff. Applies to room and board total. $100.
              • Share a suite and save!: 2 small families who register to stay in the same larger suite will each receive a $150 discount off their stay. Each family will register and pay separately. Contact the office to take advantage of this SUITE DEAL.
            7. $100 Activity Credit: This credit will be given to families who register for summer 2018 prior to January 17, 2018. Limit 1 Activity Credit per suite.  Activity Credits cannot be redeemed for cash.  Activity Credits cannot be transferred to another family’s tab.  Activity Credits may only be used for activities, merchandise or crafts sold through the Family Vacation Center. Activity Credits may not be used for any type of reservation-related charges or gratuity for the staff. Activity Credits must be used by a specified date and time.
            8. Space Reservations: Space reservations will hold a reservation in your same week for the following year up to a specified date. Space reservations may only be purchased at the time of check-out. A $200 deposit will be charged to your tab and applied towards the reservation payment. There is no penalty for requesting a change in week and/or room, space permitting. Space reservations can only be applied for the following summer. For summer 2018, space reservations will be held until December 1, 2017. A full refund will be granted for a space reservation if it is requested prior to this date. Refunds will not be available after December 1, 2017. However, if registering after that date, they may be used to book your reservation for that summer.
            9. Partial Stays: The Family Vacation Center is designed as a seven-day program. If a member of your family is unable to attend the full session, the following partial stay rates will apply.

              2018 Partial Rates (Per Day)
              Adults & 13+ $245.00
              Ages 4-12 $225.00
              Ages 1-3 $185.00
              Under 1 $110.00
            10. Suite Size Requirements:
              The FVC offers 2, 3, and 4 bedroom suites. The number of people in your group will determine the size suite you are assigned to. If you fall below the minimum number of people, but would like to reserve a larger suite, a surcharge of $450 per a person below the minimum occupancy of the suite will be charged.
              We will strive to accommodate special room requests. Only if space permits will we move smaller parties to larger suites based upon availability at the time of check-in. If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact either Sheri or Lesli in the office at 805-893-3123 and we will be happy to provide further details.

              2 Bedroom 2 to 4 people
              3 Bedroom 4 to 6 people
              4 Bedroom 5 to 8 people

              $450 Surcharge Per Person Below Minimum in a Suite

            11. Pre-Arrival: Pre-Arrival Information and Activity Sign-Ups will be available 30 days before your stay.
            12. Registration Wait-list: If we are unable to book you initially in your week of choice, you will be placed on a wait-list. We will contact you as soon as a space becomes available. To check availability, click here.

The Club Package

The Family Vacation Center is excited to share with you a new package offering upgraded accommodations. This partnership with “The Club and Guest House at UC Santa Barbara” will allow guests to stay on campus at the “The Club” which has been recently renovated, while participating in the Family Summer Camp, FVC.

What does the Club Package include?
The Club package includes all the same meals, events, activities and programs as the FVC. The only difference is the location of guests’ accommodations.

How will reservations work?
The Club Package is a limited offering. Guests will contact the FVC and the office will check The Club Package availability. The package is only available for full week sessions arriving on Saturday and departing on the following Saturday. All guests participating in this offering must be registered for both the FVC Club Package and housing at The Club. If the package is available an FVC account will be created and the guest will be billed for the FVC per person charges.

FVC per person charges
Adults and teens 13+ $869
Kids 4-12 $806
Kids 1-3 $634
Under 1 $383

The guest will then call the club manager Simon (805-893-7000), and book room reservation. The club offers rooms with a king bed or 2 queens. No deposit is due at the time of booking for The Club. The Room rate will be charged by the Club when the guest arrives.

The Club per night rate
$199 per night 7 nights (Sat – Fri) $1,393